Sunday 2nd May
3pm - 4.30pm
@ The Birch Room

The Birch Room warmly welcomes Sammy Lee to guide an afternoon of

Journeying through the Chakra System.

“Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” Eckhart Tolle

Our bodies are incredible, yet do we always give them the attention they deserve? Do we adjust when we feel out of alignment? Do we pay attention to many special parts of ourselves, that make us whole?

Join Sammy Lee to create space to explore just that as we ‘Journey through the Chakra System’ through the 7 main energy centres that reside deep within us.


  • + Chakra Yoga, accessible motion + shapes, as we journey through each chakra, to allow attention + self awareness to each chakra.

  • + Self Reiki, selected hand positions to draw attention to each chakra space.

  • + Philosophy, words of wisdom to provoke consideration while exploring each chakra + you.

  • + Space, to listen, to allow your own wisdom to speak.

Did you know, the Chakra System is said to make up the ‘architecture of our soul’. Ever since being introduced to Chakra’s she has been fascinated by the philosophy. The more she dives in, the more she understands about herself + others. The more she realises this system can support us as we navigate through this thing called life, together. And it is such an honour for her to share these learnings with you.

Who is this for?

  • + YOU! Know that this is an opportunity for YOU to immerse, as we hold space for ourselves + each other.

This 90 minute offering is for you to arrive as you are + journey through from the base (Chakra 1) all the way to thought (Chakra 7), you will take away what you need.


Consider this a powerful ‘check in’ with your inner world. This offering will help to re-establish a sense of inner harmony.

Be prepared to be open to receive + immerse, supported by Sammy, the container + therapeutic sound. A truly nurturing experience for body + mind, accessing the space + deep rest + contemplation that you so deserve. 

Gift yourself this check in. 

'I so look forward to journeying with you.' - Sammy Lee

Warm tea & choccy treats provided on the day.

No previous yoga experience required.

Come as you are.

Mats, bolsters and blankets provided for you.

Absolutely all welcome!

Cost $45



New date released soon!

The Birch Room warmly welcomes you to attend a soulful, nourishing and rejuvenating Sound Bath and Guided Meditation.

The evening begins with a deeply relaxing guided meditation lead by Emma (The Birch Room) to ease your body and mind into a state of surrender, followed by a deeply soothing Sound Bath journey with guest Eleni Noulas (Sound Healing Facilitator).

Float into a dreamy soundscape of healing vibrational and tonal sounds.

Sound Baths use the power of sound and vibration to bring balance into your mind and body. Chakra crystal singing bowls are used along with range of other healing instruments that are played near the body.

Focusing on each of your Chakras, the instruments encourage energy to flow more freely and promote vibrational harmony. 

Be bathed in spiritual cleansing sounds that send you to a dreamlike state where the healing process can begin. 

Sound Baths help in bringing you calm, reducing stress, stimulate the immune system, cleansing the body and allowing you to enter a deep state of relaxation. 

"I take lots of care in helping you with your journey, energies and also guide you to let go." - Eleni Noulas

Warm Chai with plant based milk served on the evening.

No previous meditation experience required.

Come as you are.

Mats, bolsters and blankets provided

BYO head pillow.

Absolutely all welcome!

Cost $50

Birch Room Members $40

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Sunday 7th February, 2021 
At The Birch Room
158 Ash Road, Leopold.

The Birch Room warmly welcomes Hannah Watson from Acupuncture Wellness Co to host a 2 hour Gua Sha Masterclass.

Gua Sha is a traditional Eastern Medicine beauty tool made from pure rose quartz crystal, known as 'the Eastern facelift'. It is used to smooth lines, boost skin elasticity, and enhance the absorption of serum by up to 400%, for hydrated, smooth skin. Gua Sha is uniquely shaped in order to treat every area of the face. Learn how you can use this tool as part of your everyday skin care routine to achieve an even complexion, clear redness and rid congestion. 

Hannah Watson is a practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and founder of Acupuncture Wellness Co. Hannah focuses her practice on natural skin care and women's health. Gua Sha is an integral part in her facial treatments, which she believes offers results unparalleled by other facial treatments. Hannahis bringing her expertise and her signature Acupuncture Wellness Co. gua sha tool to The Birch Room to offer you an afternoon of learning how you can support long-term skin health. 

This will be a small group of maximum x10 participants.

All attendees receive a custom Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool as a part of the ticket price, valued at $49.

Delicious + Nutritious afternoon tea and treats provided for you.

Absolutely all welcome!

Cost $99

Want to make this a special mini retreat?

Attend the Yin + Meditation class at 5pm after the Gua Sha event. This will enhance the whole experience for you, a real self care indulgence!


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