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Date: Sunday, 15th May

Time: 4-6:30pm

This is a unique collaboration between Petra & Agustina weaving together Yin Yoga, Sacred Sound & Vibration.

A special crafted Workshop where we will journey through the METAL ELEMENT focusing on the Lungs and Large Intestine Qi which corresponds with the Autumn Season. Just like the trees, shedding bark, releasing sap and letting go of their leaves you are invited to come on this journey of deep release, healing and retracting back to the essence that remains. A taste of your most natural spirit being. 

Metals are produced by the Earth through a process of assimilation and reduction. Pulling the lifeforce in and downwards, one can safely surrender to the process of liberation in this cycle. Establishing conditions to feel safe enough to receive (Lungs) and release (Large Intestine) ~ which partners exquisitely with sound through voice in the same organic and authentic way. 

The journey will begin with a nourishing and gentle Yin Yoga facilitation by Petra. You will be guided in a safe, transformative and embodied way. In harmony with receiving and giving through alchemising gentle release and sweet healing vibrations through the expression of your voice or sacred sound towards the second half of the workshop with Agustina.

There will be short tea & snacks break half-way and an invitation to join us after the workshop to gather around the fire to enjoy roasted chestnuts and warm chai. 

Date: Sunday, 15th May

Time: 4-6:30pm

Investment: $75.-

* Limited spaces, please be sure to secure your booking via email to petraread@gmail.com *

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Sunday 18th July
The Birch Room

Join us for a Mid Winter Yin Yoga & Sound Healing Event.
Bathe in healing vibrational sounds while surrendering in yin yoga shapes.
Lead by yoga teacher Emma & Sound healing facilitator Eleni.
Limited spaces.
Warm herbal tea provided on the evening
BYO head cushion and blanket.
All Welcome.